Agropyron cristatum (Crested wheatgrass)

Cool season, long-lived, perennial bunchgrass that can be weakly rhizomatous. Extremely drought and cold tolerant. Adapted to a wide range of sites but is most productive on well drained, medium textured soils. Good palatability to livestock when green. Introduced extensively throughout the West. Varieties listed below.


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Family: Poaceae

Duration: Perennial, long-lived

Growth Habit: Graminoid

Native Status: Introduced

Season: Cool season

Growth Form: Bunchgrass

Mature Height: 24 in.

Annual Precipitation: 6-30 in.

Drought Tolerance: High

Shade Tolerance: Intolerant


Wetland Indicator Status:

Fire Resistance: Yes

Fire Tolerance: High


Coarse Texture: No

Medium Texture: Yes

Fine Texture: Yes

Salinity Tolerance: Medium

CaCO3 Tolerance: Medium

pH Range: 6.0-8.2


Seeds per Pound: 311,200

Seeding Rate: PLS lbs/acre

Season: Spring/Fall

Days to Germination:


Ephraim - Rhizomatous growth habit. Well suited for soil stabilization. (Released 1983, origin: Ankara, Turkey)

Fairway - Shorter and finer-stemmed than other types; capable of forming sod in dryland areas. (Released 1927, origin: Siberia)

Kirk - Tall, coarse growth habit with regrowth better than all other varieties (except Nordan). Excellent seedling vigor. Top yielding variety in the northern latitudes. (Released 1987, origin: Europe, including Finland)

Roadcrest - Lower growth, finer leaf texture and increased sod formation. Developed for roadside use and low maintenance turf areas. (Released 1998, origin: Iran & Turkey)