Elymus elymoides (Bottlebrush squirreltail)

Formerly known as Sitanion hystrix. Cool season, very drought tolerant, short-lived perennial bunchgrass found on both deep and shallow soils. Easy to establish and often behaves as a pioneer species on disturbed sites. Provides good winter and spring forage to grass grazing animals. Especially useful for revegetation of drastically disturbed sites.

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Family: Poaceae

Duration: Perennial

Growth Habit: Graminoid

Native Status: Native, long-lived

Season: Cool

Growth Form: Bunchgrass

Mature Height: 30 in.

Annual Precipitation: 5-16 in.

Drought Tolerance: High

Shade Tolerance: Intolerant

Elevation: 2,000-11,000 ft

Wetland Indicator Status: FACU

Fire Resistance: No

Fire Tolerance: Medium


Coarse Texture: No

Medium Texture: Yes

Fine Texture: Yes

Salinity Tolerance: Low

CaCO3 Tolerance: High

pH Range: 6.0-8.4


Seeds per Pound: 192,000

Seeding Rate: 7 PLS lbs/acre

Season: Fall

Days to Germination:


CRNG - Source Identified selection out of Jefferson County, OR.

Pueblo -

Shaniko - Source Identified selection out of Wasco County, OR.

Toe Jam Creek - A germplasm having greater seed mass than other accessions. It has a less robust awn making the seed more amenable to de-bearding, resulting in less seed damage from conditioning compared to earlier releases. (Select class released 2003, source of ecotype: Elko County, near Tuscarora, NV)

Wapiti -