Sanguisorba minor* (Small burnet)

Introduced, hardy, long-lived perennial evergreen forb with dense pink to red petalless flowers, blooming May to July; weakly rhizomatous. Cold tolerant and widely adapted, persisting on infertile well-drained soils with at least 12 in. annual precipitation; up to 9,000 ft. elevation. Excellent browse for livestock and wild ungulates until snow cover; also grazed by sage-grouse. Commonly used for pasture, rangeland, food plots, weed control, fuel breaks and green strips. Pollinated by bees. Varieties listed below.

area of adaptation

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Family: Rosaceae

Duration: Perennial

Growth Habit: Forb/herb

Native Status: Introduced

Growth Form: Multiple stem

Mature Height: 15 in.

Bloom Color: Red 

Bloom Period: Early spring

Annual Precipitation: 12-25 in.

Drought Tolerance: Low

Shade Tolerance: Intermediate


Wetland Indicator Status: FACU

Fire Resistance: Yes

Fire Tolerance: High

Nitrogen Fixation: None


Coarse Texture: Yes

Medium Texture: Yes

Fine Texture: Yes

Salinity Tolerance: Medium

CaCO3 Tolerance: Medium

pH Range: 6.0-8.0


Seeds per Pound: 48,700

Seeding Rate: 20 PLS lbs/acre 

Season: Late fall/Early spring

Days to Germination:


Delar - Produces high amounts of forage and seed. Intolerant of poorly drained, flooded soils and high water tables. (Released 1981)