Trifolium michelianum* (Balansa clover)

Extremely productive, cold tolerant, winter annual. Prostrate, hollow stemmed plants form dense, highly productive stands of very palatable forage. Suited to various soil types, except infertile sands; wide pH range. Moderate tolerance of saline soils. Mature plants are tolerant of periods of saturated soils. Use as cover crop, pasture, hay or silage in a monoculture or mixed with other species. Persistent under continuous, intensive grazing. Readily reseeds itself when allowed to set seed.

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Family: Fabaceae

Duration: Annual

Growth Habit: Forb

Native Status: Introduced

Growth Form: Multi-branched rosette

Mature Height: 36 in. (w/ stems trailing up to 8 ft. long)

Bloom Color: White to pink

Bloom Period: Spring

Annual Precipitation: 

Drought Tolerance:

Shade Tolerance:

Fire Resistance:

Fire Tolerance:

Nitrogen fixation: Yes

Bloat: Yes


Coarse Texture: No

Medium Texture: Yes

Fine Texture: Yes

Salinity Tolerance: Yes

CaCO3 Tolerance: 

pH Range: 4.5-8.3


Seeds per Pound: 500,000

Seeding Rate: 3-8 lbs/acre

Season: Fall/Winter

Days to Germination: 


FIXatioN - Matures up to 14 days later than 'Dixie' Crimson clover and up to 28 days later than previously developed Balansa cultivars, resulting in greater overall growth and productivity.